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Left mouse button stops responding when pressed during fights
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This has happened to me a couple of times today, the LMB stops working when in a fight with zeds. As a result you cannot attack with any weapons, no fists, no axes, no pistols or rifles. Only thing to do then is find the nearest ladder to get away.


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It happens to me during a fight, usually about the 3rd zed in

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If I log off and log back in it goes away for a bit but comes back. On Friday last week I uninstalled and reinstalled while the exp servers were down for an update. Ran well all weekend and yesterday. It started up again this morning. I have not changed any settings, I know this is the recommended fix but I can't change back anything I never changed in the first place.

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attack sparingly, as long as you don't mash LMB it won't happen

^^ That is not a solution. Simplicity of solution does not excuse the problem. This happened to a friend and I during a prolonged firefight. We lost. We had stacked several bodies over about 20 minutes. We are certain it was even the same guys coming back for their stuff. We had 9 bodies stacked up and more guys coming but we did not even realize until after we died that we were not able to swing an axe, punch, or pull a trigger. I had felt that during the fight, but thought I had done something wrong due to the adrenalin that this game conjures. Afterwards we realized what the issue was. And we were mad! :-[

I think, during a fight, the inventory hotbar does not work right either. I know it does not work right very often already, but I think in a battle, it is even worse. I think it gets very confused in a battle scenario.

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