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Mouse goes off screen with multiple monitors
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When playing your mouse is not locked on your main screen. Also when you fire or try and open a door (with MMB) it minimizes the game because it thinks you were clicking on the other screen.


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When in game press tab and move your mouse to the second monitor. It should not do this, your mouse should be locked onto the game screen.

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I know this has been an issue for a long time with BI games, but would love to see it fixed for DayZ and maybe even carry over to other games

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Yep, I can confirm. I try to fix this by having a borderless Dayz windowed mode but It's not working. Windowed mode wont lunch with 1920*1080 and became 1920*1050.
It will be great to have a -borderless lunch option in steam to combine with -windowed.

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I had this issue too, tried to reinstall DayZ & delete every config file for DayZ.

Only thing that worked out for me was to reinstall Windows (It's my assumption to the solution, no idea if this even should be required, sounds weird if so)

Gaming using 3 monitors, only has the main (middle) one for gaming.

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This is still an issue.

I believe it only occurs when navigating any kind of in-game UI/menu that requires a mouse cursor. Once navigating, you'll occasionally drift your mouse over to your other monitor and accidentally click, which will then minimize your game. It will happen with any kind of mouse clicks (middle mouse, side buttons etc.).

I've been using a third party program called "Cursor Lock" as a temporary fix.

Until a fix is in place, I've been using DisplayFusion to "Lock cursor to current monitor". So just assign a key combo for that setting, click in your primary monitor and use the combo before launching our beloved DayZ.

There may be other utilities out there for this, but I already owned DF.