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Experimental servers not restarting (Appears to be resolved)
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I have been playing for the past 10 hours on the following servers:

  • Dayz AU/NZ 0-1 (Experimental/Testing)
  • Dayz AU/NZ 0-2 (Experimental/Testing)
  • Dayz AU/NZ 0-3 (Experimental/Testing)
  • Dayz AU/NZ 0-4 (Experimental/Testing)

Which is all the available Experimental servers in Australia and New Zealand, and none of them have restarted for over 10 hours. I placed some items on one server then played for about 4 hours on another server, came back to the server i placed some items on and this was still in the same position. Now it is not possible to survive and test these servers as there is no more loot, all the servers are now bare.



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yeah, I get the same impression on experimental servers in europe. either that or the server-hopping prevention timer is just not preventing people server hopping. sure doesn't stop me tbh when I see my first server has been looted dry and there is no point looking for loot.

True I check 3 servers and all were dry of loot, I think the restart function was reset with the patch.

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Server's seem to be restarting regularly now, so at this stage this appears to be resolved as of the update last Friday.