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new exp build 0.47 freezes for some seconds
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since the newest exp build the game entirely freezes sometimes.
The sound stops and the picture is being frozen entirely as well.
If i wait i get a sound again and i can play.


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Game Freezes
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Play on reg / hc

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my internet-connection is stable.
It happens outside towns in open field as well as inside towns (but inside towns a bit more)
On empty servers as well as on mid-pop.

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I can confirm this. On current 16 July 2014 experimental. At times the game freezes completely, and it freezes for so long that the server closes the connection. As soon as the session is lost, however, the "Session lost" dialog pops up, and the game is responsive again.

When this happens, I switch out of DayZ and look at my system resources. There is over 1 GB of free memory, but the number of hard page faults per second skyrockets, and the disk churns. CPU usage drops sharply compared to before the freeze.

If the game freezes while the inventory screen is open, the in-game cursor remains responsive.

All sounds stop except for the background sound (wind, etc), which continues to play and loop normally.

I noticed this happening when sitting in a building alone, when right-clicking an inventory item, and when being attacked by zombies. There is no discernable pattern, however it feels like it happens after about the same amount of playing time each time.

Also, perhaps related: Today I was unable to play the experimental build for more than a few minutes before Windows would complain that it was low on memory, and shortly thereafter it would kill DayZ. I had to increase the size of my pagefile to make this stop happening. However, every time this happened, there was over 1 GB of free memory. I haven't had this problem in any previous build. It seems like the current experimental is doing something different with memory.

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Please vote this up:

Your problem is already acknowledged by the devs.


Not sure it's the same issue. From that issue:

"Played for an hour tonight and experienced 5 freezing incidents, each lasting around 5 seconds. Log files are attached. CPU usage remains constant during freezing episodes while GPU usage drops to 0 until the game responds again."

However, as I explained in my comment, when I experience these freezes, CPU usage drops to very low levels, and the freeze lasts until the server closes the connection.

I've experienced much shorter freezes in several versions for some time now, but this until-disconnect freeze just started happening with this build.

Good point, seems you are encountering a different problem, maybe they have the same source. Devs will sort this out. Upvoted.

Experiencing the same issue. This is the first experimental I have had this issue on. Game freezes completely for a few seconds with loss of sound. Once it starts again the character has jumped forward as if still running during the freeze. Checked system performance during freeze and everything seems normal with a slight drop in resource use.

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I am also experiencing the same issue, I get it every time after 3-5 minutes of playing the game.

andy added a comment.Oct 29 2014, 1:23 PM

Hi mr snipes and others,
is this still an issue?
There have been some changes which might have improved the situation in this regard - please let me know.
Thank you,

I am not having that issue in .51 or .52

andy added a comment.Jan 5 2015, 1:22 PM

Good to hear!