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[SUGGESTION] Persistent Bodies
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Currently I think you guys want to stick to the realism of the game and always mention how you don't want to add something or change something because it takes away from the realism? So why exactly does a body suddenly disappear after 10 minutes without any player going near it and using the action menu option "hide body". This is a suggestion but why don't you guys make bodies persistent and they only disappear either when hidden or after a server restart?


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Step 1 - Play DayZ standalone
Step 2 - Spend hours gearing up
Step 3 - Die from second story glitch or get killed by a player
Step 4 - Give up hope because you can't run back to your body before it despawns
Step 5 - REALISM!!!

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Just make bodies persistent till the server restarts? Is is that difficult to change a value that makes bodies linger longer?

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Not to mention this will stop campers in Berezino as they will have to go and hide bodies of geared players they have killed otherwise someone might get back to their body, get a hold of their gun and end their little camping spree!

I think its good, you can't loot your own body.
Death + respawn = new Life, new Game

Totally couldn't agree more.

If you really want to hide another players gear, put some damn work in and risk losing your own gear! Or carry a damn shovel.

This suggestion is awesome because it helps resolve the horrible issue with lack of loot as well.

Also, I don't think there should be any reason not to be able to loot your own body in case you were killed by a glitch, lag, über-zombie or similar.

If you want to kill people just for the kicks, you will have to think of a way of moving all that loot.

However, dead bodies shouldn't block player movement

I remember how it was before when they were persistent, problem was ppl ran for the bodies no matter how they died. Realism? Okey realism, but I dont see realism when u die and then go back for your body ... ahem where is realism in that?

REALISM?? How can you run back to your own dead body? YOUR DEAD!

Persistent bodies is a bad idea, You will end up with servers cluttered with dead bodies.

And what is the point of the game if every time you die all you have to do is run back to your dead body and gear up to the point you was before you died.

It works well as it is at the moment, the body stays persistent long enough for your body to be looted by other players (In your close vicinity). Or stays persistent all the time someone is next to your body.

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I not agree but it should stay on ground more time.(How many? i don't know)
It's like zombie body, they dissapear too fast.

I have the feeling that bodyes dissapear faster since the 0.55.

But i think it's a really good question.
And the great idea is to be obliged to have a shovel to hide a body.