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Error message/reset character
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I have this message a third time and was able to actually record/screenshot this error causing my character to reset. This is what it says however I attached picture below anyways...

"WARNING! The server has not been able to contact the central server to load a character, so it has loaded a default character that may overwrite your existing character if the server regains connection. We reccommend you disconnect immediately and try another server."

So I exited and tried another server soon as i logged into new server everything was reset.



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Still having problem as of july 14th

I used to get this whenever I joined a server with less than 5 people. Have you tried severs with different populations?

I have actually. I been playing on low pop servers and constantly having that problem and since i started playing with more like 15 people or so i haven't had this issue. Could most likely be that reason. Thanks :)

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Thank you.