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Pistol Suppressor does not equip to P1 pistol
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"This variant is designed for 45ACP or smaller"

9mm is smaller than 45ACP, and the suppressor does equip to the CR75 (9mm). But the P1 is also 9mm, and the suppressor doesn't equip to it. Is it supposed to be this way, or is it a bug?


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Try to equip pistol suppressor to P1 pistol

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The suppressor also doesn't equip to the Amphibian S (.22), but that makes more sense.

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Just because weapons share caliber, it doesn't mean that a silencer for the same caliber would fit on every weapon of said caliber.

P1 does not support a silencer. This is working as intended.

The Amphibia is a different caliber and is already silenced internally without the need for an external silencer.