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Invisible/dead zombie issue
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I was just playing experimental 0.47
when I was attacked by a zombie. During the battle, I got this 2-5 second freeze,
after the freeze I was able to kill the zombies (few more had appeared during the freeze).
I shot one zombie, it died and fell down.
But then the dead body started making zombie noises and sliding on the ground towards me.
I took several hits from this "invisible" zombie, while trying to shoot the corpse to "kill" it again. No luck.
The corpse slid around me and I received several hits, all from random directions, I finally emptied an 75 bullet drum on the AKM by spinning around, trying to hit this invisible zombie, but couldn't kill it.
It was finally able to kill my character.


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Not sure, but manage to get an ingame "freeze" while fighting zombie(s)?

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Confirmed....happend to me yesterday (0.47 Stable). After killing a "Crawler" the dead Zombie was still attacking me and the Lifeless dead Zed was following me but no movement or animation seen on the Zed.

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Got attacked today (10/10/14) by invisible zombie. Could hear it's aggro screams and then started taking hits from it. Checked the ground to see if it was partially visible and could see nothing. Went up stairs of building and still took hits.

Zombie was completely invisible - no body, nothing

(Using experimental build: 0.50.125144)

Thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #12755 (Invisible Zombies).

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