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Zombies still bug throught walls and are slow to react in 0.47
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Run into a house and the zombies will bug throught the walls.

Run up and downstairs and eventually the zombie will run through the wall to get downstairs.

Zombies also react very slow, you can kite a zombie easy.
Seems like the zombies have to "think" to long.

On picture a zombie jumps through wall on 2nd floor.
Didnt manage to take a screenshot when he went through bottom floor wall.


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Run into a house and keep running out and upstairs/downstairs

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"On picture a zombie jumps through wall on 2nd floor."

Yes, zombies are still able to get through walls while they're are in the 'jump' animation. They cant go through walls though.

The animations allows zombies to ignore the Navmesh I belive as I've only seen zombies doing this while they're in the jump animation. I have also seen that if the zombie does the jump animation too soon, the zombie will be pulled back from the wall (as if the animation ended right before he went through the wall.)

This is just my assumption though.

Please submit your feedback to the primary thread #77.

Thank you!