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Stuck on permanent Please wait message when spawn timer reaches zero
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If there is no timer, I can spawn in fine.

However, if I leave a server and have to wait 99 seconds or whatever due to having just left a server, when the timer reaches zero I am stuck on a permanent 'Please wait...'.

Several of my friends have also had this issue. It is on all servers, not just one or some.

It almost always happens.


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Join a server, leave it and then immediately attempt to rejoin another server.

Happens most of the time.

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Several other friends of mine have had this issue, and it is on all servers.

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Hey Kill3rCat,

wait for 1-2 minutes after the "Please wait..." appears. Appearently it takes that much time even if there is no timer running. Try your luck with some patience and lemme know if you can connect :)

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The timer initially displays the incorrect time if the actual wait duration is longer than 99 seconds. A normal wait appears to be around 5 minutes; in order to switch servers, you'll need to let that time elapse in full. If you reconnect (possibly to a different server) during the wait, your visible timer will be updated with the remaining time, up to a maximum of 99 seconds. This is why it often seems as though you need to wait for two rounds of 99 seconds to elapse, plus an extra minute or so.

Ah, interesting, thanks! I do believe that one of my friends did on one occasion state that my body was present in-game while I was still on 'Please wait...'.

This was when a server had crashed, my friends had joined a different server. A friend had just come back from having his lunch, loaded into the server and said I was stood there, loaded in while I was stuck on 'Please wait...'.

This concerned me as I could potentially be brutally murdered while losing hair over a loading screen.

i have the same issue, i thought my game was stuck too. but long waiting will get me in game. my char will spawn 5 seconds befor the please wait screen dissappiers and i can play.

Hi Kill3rCat,

As the guys already commented, the 99 second spawn timer does not seem to be functioning as it should. I get the same problem with the timer, but I always manage to get into the servers if I just wait for those couple of minutes extra. The issue is already filed and the devs are working on a fix (#11456). I'll close out your issue, but in case you run into any other problems, please feel free to submit a new issue on the feedback tracker.