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Two handed item throwing bug - Firefighter axe falling and player stuck after throwing bug
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On 47.124558 I can throw the firefighter axe by pressing G.
After doing that,the player will fall to the ground and look like went unconscious .
After that,the character will stand up and his hands will be stuck at certain position.
I can fix that and get back to the regualr state by pressing F2(Hands up).


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Take firefighter axe into hands,press G to throw.

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I've got the same bug. Throw a pitchfork and my character felt unconscious.
Here is the video after :
Sorry for quality, I already have 15fps when playing without recording.
My character was moving on its own in the direction of the head.
I can take weapon by pressing hotkey but not fire and even access inventory.
I was able to exit the bug by eating something (not on the video).

Happened to me too on experimental yesterday. I threw accidentally my axe while I was exiting a log cabin and the char got stuck on ground level and slided forwards without me doing anything. A reconnect fixed it.

I threw a CR75 and it just hung in the air about a foot in front of me. An amazing trick that I plan to sucker people out of free beers with. Next time I meet one that doesn't KoS me first that is.