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game randomly freezes for a few seconds .47.124558
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i will be running around then the client freezes for a few seconds then recovers


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Yea I had this same experience. There are some moments where my client totally freezes, and then recovers. Other moments it doesn't freeze but becomes unresponsive (can't punch, move around, etc), but my client is not frozen. Seems to happen for the same amount of time though.

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yea i had that too

Confirmed for at least 4 other users with varying lengths depending on user.

My PC freezes for approximately 8 seconds or so. a friend froze for about 45 (causing his death)

After some research, the issue seems to be tied with a Read/Write hangup on the hard drive. My footage with evidence is uploading to youtube now.

favus added a subscriber: favus.May 8 2016, 7:00 PM

this has also happened to me about 4 times, sound stuttered, inventory didn't work... the guy in the inventory screen was frozen too, i could move my inventory about though, and my torch and battery had vanished and then returned - changed servers and it seemed to go away

Had the same problem. Froze for about 5 seconds while running through a field. CPU usage stayed constant. GPU usage dropped to nothing. But the game recovered and I was able to play as normal until the server restarted a few minutes later.

Another thing i noticed when it "comes back" the ambient sounds all get really loud, and then the game seems to settle down and carry on... Also! it just happened when i was in the menus and not even on the server, I couldn't select any options or select a server or anything

Closing this in favour of an already acknowledged issue.

Please provide feedback here #0014031

Thank you!