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People camping inside the ATC structure, glitched into the walls, shooting people from inside the walls
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the ATC building seems to be glitched in a way so people can get behind the walls to shoot people who come about. they camp behind cover of a one sided structure on the side they can look through and abuse the glitch to kill people.


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I tend to Bandit around the NE Airfield. I have now twice, and potentially a third, seen people INSIDE the walls of the building. We saw this yesterday very clearly. I approached from the west side (side with the ladder) and as I approached the wall, two dudes came OUT OF THE WALL. I had sniper coverage and I killed one and the sniper killed the other. A third person came through the wall and was eliminated by the sniper also. As I was hiding bodies, three more people logged into that ATC and came through the wall also. They were also dispatched. The first member of the second wave of glitchers killed me, as I did not expect to see even more people emerge from the wall.

Another time, we entered the building. I scouted the building and believed there to be two dudes inside. I managed to kill one in the hallway in the ATC and the second one was INSIDE THE WALL. He was talking to us. My friend had heard about this and began taunting him, challenging him to come out of the wall. He never did. We took a little loot and left.

The third time (was actually the first time, and looking back, it was prolly this behaviour that I was seeing) was a matter of massive fireworks. We set up to attack/bandit the ATC. From where I was lying, I could see many people approach the ATC and all of them were met with a hand grendade explosion. I was not sure what I was seeing, as no one ever died from the explosions and all of them seemed to be inside the ATC. From watching carefully, I could see that the epicentre of several of the blasts was in a part of the building that is not accessible. I was confused by this. It seems that they were hand grenades being detonated INSIDE THE WALL. *shrug*

I guess this is a pretty well known hack/glitch. There were only a few Youtube videos about it when I looked...

I've seen this as well. Me and 3 buddies were raiding the NE Airfield for loot on a medium pop server. Coming into the airfield from the south I spotted a sniper on top of the tower. We chose to engage him and started closing the distance to engage. He spotted us at the last second and ran inside the ATC. We watched windows for a few minutes trying to confirm his position. After not seeing him for several minutes we thought he had logged out and started moving in to clear the ATC and make sure. I entered second in line of the 2 man team that was sent in to clear everything. As my partner moved up the stairs to clear the second floor I paused on the platform above the first half of the stairs and turned to cover the front door. As he moved on up the stairs I turned to look at him for just a split second, what do I see when I look back at the door? Some n00b wannabe glitcher with just his head and gun STICKING OUT OF THE FLOOR. Luckily I had my gun up, and due to the fact that I'm not a cheating little homo my reflexes were much faster. I plugged the little glitcher right between the eyes and then proceeded to tell him exactly how much of a piece of shit he was for cheating. He logged out and probably told his mom on me.

Another time my friend had the same thing happen, was in a standoff trapped on the 2nd floor by a glitcher in the same spot as the one I had seen. Luckily the glitcher was dim witted and wasn't using his "Neck" to look around. When he turned a little to look his head popped up a little... so my buddy leaned out around the stairs and gave him a .357 lead injection.

If you are on the stairs in ATC and look directly back at the front door, the area where they are "Popping up" from for me is the floor just to the left of the door. No clue how they get under there, and don't want to know... would love to see it fixed though.

You can do this from outside of ATC. You have to crawl under the stairs in entrance.

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we are aware of this issue and working on fixing it.
Thank you for your feedback!