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Weird sound effects out of nowhere (never heard it before!)
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I encountered a weird sound bug (?) today that I haven't had before. It sounds like a high-pitched machine gun but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find the sound source in game, even when it seemed to be directly in front of me.

Here's a quick video:


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i've heard people talking in the middle of woods...nooone was around. Thats apocalypse for ya.

I second the gunshot sounds. I heard it multiple times during one session last night. I was in a town so i assumed that someone was firing a sporter 22 like a crazy person. It sounded exactly like it did in this video.

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A friend and I were playing on experimental 0.47 last night, we were at Stary Sobor and we both heard this sound like someone was emptying a sporter 22 clip like crazy just up the road a bit. The sound seemed to be stationary, as we moved our heads the sound of the gun fire was coming from the same direction, if we moved so it was only on the right side then did a 180 it was then only on the left side. We went to investigate but did not find anyone but the sound was still there.

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I have experienced this bug as well, its exactly the same as in the video (though sometime it has been VERY loud). I seem to notice this sound bug in concurrence with the zombie sound bug (when you hear them scream though they aren't near you). I assume someone is being attacked and is shooting them with a sporter and the sound is bugging out.

It's not a gunshot sound, it's the sound an empty crossbow makes when you try to fire.
Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

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I had similar sound problems on the latest patch from 26th July. I kept hearing Zombies when they were nowhere near me. I also at time heard eating and drinking but I cannot verify there was no players near me taking such action. Zombie noises were definitely bugged though.

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Yes, Its the sound of a empty Crossbow. And, why you can hear it from miles? dont know,but maybe you can hear it if the sound come from your own network bubble.

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Acknowledged in a later report.

Please refer to #0014413: Crossbow Dry Fire Noise Is Server Wide