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experimental 0.47: cannot run with melee weapon in attack mode
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Experimental 0.47: When raising your melee weapon you cannot RUN anymore. I hope this won't make it to stable, its not realistic: one should be able to run with an axe raised. I do not mean sprinting with it, but just plain running, like it use to.
Now you have to sprint to gain speed, automaticly lowering the weapon, and only when stop sprinting, walking SLOW, the weapon raises again. No quick attack from behind is possible like this. Fighting zombies is less "realistic" this way, circling around attacking zombies almost impossible and very risky.


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attack a zombie with your melee weapon in attack mode

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You can run with a weapon raised, double tap 'W'.

No you can't : in exp 0.47 only in slow walk mode you can raise it.

Also : many invisible zombie attacks in 0:47 and the "crouching" zombie from the mod is back. Why playing around with zombie changes in experimental while a whole new zombie system is in the make ?

Double tap 'W' and your character will speed up.

Your character goes into 'Walk-mode' automatically but can be overriden by doubletapping 'W' just like you do when you want to run.

I have played on Experimental and tried this.

iTZero, thanks for your reaction: As you know there are 3 types of walks: slow walk, fast walk(jogging) and sprinting.
In stable you can jog and keep your mellee weapon raised to attack. Most players circle around zombies in this style to defeat them.
In experimental 0.47 you CAN NOT JOG and keep it raised. Off course, Double tap W makes you speed up (and lower your weapon) again, but that is not the issue here. I just hope this will not be implemented in stable.

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I up vote this, I agree it is not possible to keep your fire axe raised and strafe jog around the zeds in 0.47 only slow walk. I have just tested this and if you double tap w while your fire axe is raised it will lower your axe and you will start to sprint, you have to stop before you can raise your axe again and then you can only slow walk. While this all happens you will get hit by the zeds as now it is more likely there will be more then one zed after your blood. I have reverted back to shooting the zeds as the fire axe is useless again like in 0.44 with this movement system if you don't want to get whack by the zeds.

add your feedback and votes to this thread i made

the feedback moderators prefer it if we try to keep issues such as these in single tracker threads :)

from what a dev has said who had a hand in some of the new changes, a lot of whats occuring is not intended and is in fact bugs, but i fear the forced slow walk is actually an intended change, which im not too sure will go down well if it does make its way to stable.

but yeah, please do add your votes and opinions to the original tracker. Thanks

I wasn't even aware it was on stable already because I only played experimental.

ah, no my report is for the 0.47 (which is current EXP build) its just simply a case that the report i made covers this issue and has had a number of up votes now (as well as a small number of downvotes, because apparently some people think the changes are for the

It is preferable for the mods and devs to have consolidated feedback for issues, and the more votes we can get in one tracker the more visible it appears as an issue and thus is likely to be seen as a priority to fix/change :) if i had seen your thread and not made my own i would be directing people here and getting them to up vote this instead.

seems to be resolved in 0.48