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Ladder + rage zombies in the near = "You are dead"
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Happened 4 times at Firestation and School Buildings within 15h playtime to me
(and other players i see)


(thx for video @ "industria")


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This has happened to my friend as well except I don't think any zombies were in the area. He was just climbing a ladder and instantly died. Didn't even fall

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I tried going up the ladder on both the school and both fire stations in Elektro, but nothing happened to me. Unless there were other steps you took, please provide more information to recreate this.

Edit: I'll head to Berezino next time to see if it's the location, until then try to recreate it again and update your report once you do.

Edit 2: Also when doing this, make sure you list off any items on your character at the time this occurs. A screenshot would help.

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Place was Elektro

Like an invisible zombie punched at the player-position at ground but from the ladder away to the ground into the instant-death.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000852: Going up ladder randomly breaks legs

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