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LOD and texture troubles-they are flickering.
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when i look through a LRS at buildings in Electro, LOD of building starts to change very fast and unpredictable. Textures around windows and roofs flicker. After few seconds it stops, but not forever.


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Maybe it is not an issue of the game, but my own computer's, information about how to get rid of it will be useful.

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I had this on my old computer- core i5, Nvidia GeForce gt540m, and now have again, on core i5, Nvidia GTX 770 with 2 gb memory.

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Why my issues are always ignored by devs?

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I have the same problem i guess...

i7 4770k
Nvidia GTX 780 SC ACX 2-Way SLI

mist3r added a comment.Nov 6 2014, 8:50 AM

Have it on the stable .50 very hardly... It's nearly impossible to work with the LRS for me...

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same with GTX 560 DDR5

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 12:01 PM

Hi Vseznamus,
please let me assure you that we do check every ticket.
The problem here could be hardware dependent which is why it is hard for us to provide a definitive answer.
Would it be possible to try this while changing various graphics settings, such as textures and options in the Rendering section and let me know if any of them helps?

Hi Andy, I tried in previous versions very long to find a answer for this...
Played with every setting I found ingame, I tried with more LOD with negative LOD on Driver side, I tried forcing AF X16 Driverside, or disable completely.
Tried with v-sync or without, because on internet some thought that could help.

Tried really long to play with the Driver settings, but I was never able to solve this