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Jun 12 2017, 2:49 PM

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Something that I noted with .62 is that the game has been using all of my video memory for at least one of the GPUs on my 295x2 according to Afterburner. I don't know if this memory crash error message is related to that memory or if it's referring to virtual memory. I did some research on this message and it looks like this bug appeared in the .54 and .50 patch and that one of the fixes was to increase paging file size. So I increased mine from 8 GBs to 16 GBs but it made no difference. I don't have tis problem on any other game I play (Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, Company of Heroes 2, Arma 3) so I know it's not my graphics card.. I never had this problem before I switched to .62 stable. I did play .62 exp before the stable version and someone posted on dayz Reddit that those who played .62 exp before the stable version just needed to delete their profiles to fix it (see link below).

This error also occurs when exiting the game. This is a pretty catastrophic error for a "stable" patch. Let me know what you think and thanks for the help.

sorry I meant to say .54 and .60 patches, not .50.