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In the days before Internet dating apps classified ads in printed newspapers and magazines advertised lonely-hearts contacts...

An advert in the Times 'Personals' column catches her attention: A traditionally minded, firm but fair, naturally authoritarian male seeks his lady. She must be confident, well presented and wish to make her life complete. Together we will explore the next stage of life. Email response to

Might this be the chance to fulfil of her hearts desire, the connection absent from her failed marriage? Therese's response is sent from her new-fangled email address (well, it is the 1990s!) that same evening.

"... I am indeed a confident and independent woman, albeit one most comfortable in a male led relationship wherein I may safely be my true submissive self. I cherish the idea of a 1950's -style household, embodying the romantic notion of conventional roles and responsibilities and accepting the male lead. My ideal partner should be strong in character (and body) assertive and, hopefully, handsome. I would ensure he'd never need to stray..."

The following week on their first date Jack embodies all her hopes and dreams, tall and good-looking, a most attractive proposition; smartly dressed and imbued with seemingly effortless inner confidence. Chivalrously pulling out Therese's chair at the intimate little bistro he's selected. Seeking her opinion with regard to menu and wine choices while all time subtly orchestrating the decision. A charming man assuredly taking charge.

Initially they discuss ordinary things: work, interests, favourite foods and movies. Soon the conversation turns to the adult topic of sexual preferences and experiences. How, Therese wonders, did that happen this quickly? She's not usually so immediately forthcoming. The explicit dialogue causes Therese's cheeks to redden, voice descending to a whisper so neighbouring tables can't eavesdrop the frank answers Jack seems to so easily elicit.

Midway through the evening Therese finds her mind wandering towards thoughts of becoming a truly deferential woman, perhaps eventually a pre-feminist wife. Goodness, she thinks, getting ahead of yourself there -- albeit the idea remains enticingly in her mind.

Mutual respect is of the essence to Therese who must be assured of Jack's discretion. In another world she has status and wields power as the head of marketing for a mighty corporation. Jack, a wealthy lawyer, is candidly upfront regarding his requirements; Therese's unquestioning obedience is expected and her subordination freely granted. In return she may, outwardly, maintain her autonomy, the submissive contract is between them only.

Subsequent chaste liaisons follow, the cinema, an art exhibition. Jack invariably wears perfectly fitted bespoke suits. Does he even own a pair of jeans, she speculates idly, and what man in this day and age habitually wears a tie? The type Therese is inexorably attracted to, a dapper embodiment of past decades in a modern world that has changed without having progressed.

Privately Therese decides to henceforth always wear skirts when in his company. Takes fastidious care with her sartorial presentation, hair and make-up complementing Jack's classic fashion choices she is the epitome of elegance.

Therese's lifestyle choice is currently unfashionable and knowing it unlikely to find favour with peers, she wisely keeps her counsel. It's fine to (at least within metropolitan circles) to be out as gay, however confessing a yearning to be spanked is a social risk too far. Most of Therese's female friends would regard this as the first step on a slippery slope to domestic violence. Women's choice, it seems, only extends so far.

Meanwhile Therese enjoys the moment, lets Jack take the lead, and willingly relinquishes responsibility for deciding how they spend their time together, happy to acquiesce to his paternalistic control and urbane authority.

Jack is equally smitten. Therese is a strikingly attractive and intelligent woman exuding class and sensuality; happy to defer to him yet never cowed. Better still, a female who blushingly confesses a desire to be spanked.

At a bar one evening Jack hands Therese a notebook and fountain pen. "Be so kind as to write your measurements, height, bust, waist and hips," he instructs. Intrigued she complies; despite her quizzical expression no explanation is forthcoming.

Although their association progresses pleasurably, privately Therese becomes frustrated. Wishes Jack would at the very least take her to bed, but acutely aware her passive role requires him to take the initiative. In most relationships she's slept with her beau after the second or third date. With Jack, despite a simmering physical attraction they've shared no greater intimacy than lingering kisses.

At last Jack announces he's booked a weekend away at a secluded cottage in Cornwall, close to the beach. During their journey to the West Country the balance of power between the couple becomes ever more asymmetric, Jack -- at the wheel, naturally - dictating the schedule, deciding when and where they stop.

The breath-taking beauty of the setting more than meets her romantic notions. The cottage is wonderful, an open fire to warm the autumn air, upmarket hampers of food and wine to sustain them. This cannot have come cheaply but Jack politely declines Therese's offer to share the cost. "That's not the sort of relationship we have," he says with a meaningful look.

Early that evening Jack looks up from the book he's reading as Therese drinks red wine and watches the sunset's final glow.

"It's time," he announces calmly, "please go to the bedroom and prepare. In half an hour I'll join you babe anal sex movies ."

Therese hurries to obey, trembling with anticipation, of late she's often wondered if this moment would ever arrive. Laid on the four-poster bed she finds a beautiful corset, very high heels, stockings and a small bottle of expensive perfume. Jack's planning has been meticulous.

After showering and strategically applying the scent Therese dons the corset, no easy matter unaided. The result is sensational, lifting her breasts and thrusting out her bottom to enhance her already shapely silhouette. She rolls the sheer nylons sensually up each leg and fastens them to suspender straps; admires her sensual transformation in the mirror.

Tidying the packaging something else catches her attention, a slender riding crop. There can be only one reason why it's present. Therese shivers at the thought, be careful what you wish for, cautions an inner voice. Sounds from the other room prompt her to check the time, two minutes to go, better hurry. I feel his power and he isn't even here yet, she thinks. When Jack enters Therese is kneeling demurely in front of the fire as if in supplication, holding the crop in outstretched hands.

"Perfect," he says approving. Goodness but his deep voice makes her feel sexy. "The embodiment of a wanton woman," continues Jack, taking the proffered crop and thwacking it loudly against a cushion -- an omen of what will ensue. "Stand please." Wobbling, whether from nervousness or the unaccustomed heels is unclear, Therese obeys.

"What," she struggles to keep her voice at a normal pitch, "will you do with me?"

Jack laughs. "Whatsoever I like. A true submissive desires simply to please. The rest I leave to your imagination."

Darkness has fallen and the flickering light of the fire casts shadows around the room. Jack comes closer, radiating masculinity. Removes his suit jacket, roles up his sleeves and loosens his tie, methodical and unhurried. Holds her narrow waist, his hands almost large enough to encircle it, then tugs her tiny panties down and off. Therese instinctively moving to cover her vulva is stopped by a disapproving glance. He lightly runs a forefinger between her labia discovering Therese is already damp with desire.

"Nicely trimmed pubic hair," Jack observes, "not shaved like a porn star, well done." Rising to his feet he grasps her bottom cheeks. "Perfect peaches," he murmurs.

"I'm not a bloody racehorse," she complains.

Jack laughs unapologetically. "I like a spirited response, although it may cost you later. What would you do for me I wonder? Let me spank you?"

"Yes," Therese too eagerly agrees. He raises a hand for silence.

"Take my cock in your mouth?"

Therese nods mute assent nudecam69

"Relinquish your anal virginity?" Amused Jack watches the expression on her face reveal Therese's inner conflict.

"," she stutters, unable to meet his intense gaze, in equal measure appalled and excited by his lewd suggestion.

"Do you trust me?"


"You have only to ask and I'll stop immediately."

"Thank you."

Jack pulls down the front of the corset to free her lovely breasts. Twists the left nipple between forefinger and thumb making Therese moan with pleasure. Transfers his touch to the right, next delicately sucking each in turn. The nubs harden and she gasps, an electric current of adrenalin surges through her body. Therese's breasts have always been hyper sensitive; she could come from this stimulation alone if he allowed it.

"Hands on head," Jack commands. Therese immediately complies and, unannounced, the crop blazes a thin red line across her unprotected derriere and begins beating a steady tempo across both jiggling buttocks.

So this is what it's like to be mastered, at once shocking and exhilarating. Despite her best intentions Therese finds it impossible to keep still, instead closing her eyes to focus on staying in position. This previously self-possessed and assured woman is soon struggling to suppress yelps of pain. However, Jack notes sagely, despite escalating signs of distress, completely compliant brunette girls ass fuck movies

Abruptly Jack stops. Taking her in his arms he holds Therese close and gently strokes her burning bottom.

"You're doing awfully well," he says, "but I'm afraid this first chastisement is far from finished." Jack swings the crop in a wider arc, cutting across the livid red lines already bisecting Therese's pert posterior. She cries out, hands instinctively trying to protect her tender flesh.

"Control yourself," he growls.

"Yes Sir, I'll be good," she mumbles. Jack slaps the crop across the front of her thighs. Therese yelps, emotions in turmoil, libido pulsating.

Caught unawares Therese is pushed forwards over the back of a substantial sofa, toes scarcely touching the floor as Jack returns his punitive attentions to her hot bottom cheeks, the catalyst to a rush of endorphins. Hands clutching at the cushions Therese tries to breathe normally; a trickle of wetness dampens her upper thighs.

The crop descends for the final time and miraculously the stinging heat transmutes to intensely erotic arousal. Jack observes Therese's eyelids flutter and her mouth opens, knows how near she is to the edge of endurance and orgasmic release.

"You're so close, aren't you?" he whispers.

"Finish me, please," she pleads, desperate to climax.

Jack makes Therese wait, gently caresses her sore bottom, delving digits into the dark crevice between her cheeks. Inserts a fingertip, teasing her engorged clitoris as Therese spreads her legs in invitation. A second finger enters and she jerks uninhibitedly against his hand; Cruelly Jack slows the pace, prolonging the moment, heightening her anticipation, such delicious torment.

Therese pushes back and takes jack deep inside, thrusting vigorously. "Harder," she cries urgently, a second climax building. Her velvet pussy tightens around his cock and Jack floods the yearning void and Therese tumbles over the edge, convulsing in a long pent-up orgasm.

One day on they're about to reluctantly depart the cottage and return to City when Therese unexpectedly asks: "May I offer a special thank you?"

"Of course," replies Jack, puzzled. To his astonishment his lover gracefully kneels, takes him in her mouth and skilfully sets to work, lovely face just visible as her head bobs assiduously back and forth.

In all too short a time Jack realises he can no longer hold back. "Darling I'm about to..." Therese raises an admonitory hand, swallows hard and then daintily wipes her lips.

"You did ask me what I would do for you," she explains with a wicked grin, "and if you'd like a repeat performance during the drive..."

"Minx," he retorts, surprised and delighted by her boldness, "I can see some domestic discipline is required when we get home."

"I do hope so," Therese says coquettishly, and follows him to the car.

"We may stop for a sexual assignation on the way, so kindly remove your knickers and hand them to me," demands Jack, already formulating a plan.

Not for a second does Therese consider disobeying; her surrender is consummate.

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