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"What?" "Uhm well, could you send me a picture of your butt, too." She could hear the fear in his voice, smiling to herself. "Yeah sure, man." There was a selfie stick on the coffee table which she attached to her newly pilfered I-Phone snapping a photo of herself in the prone position. "Thanks Angie, you're the best." "Eddie?" "Yeah?" "Don't think I forgot about you; I'm gonna screw your brains out the next time we see each other. In fact, I'm gonna turn you out." Angie hung up before he could respond, sitting up changing channels before settling on some anime. She got up from the couch walking bottomless to the kitchen where she removed the aforementioned tilapia from deep with in the fridge. Louis hadn't bothered to check for the food item, trusting the baby faced teen at her word. Angie spent a third of the money given to her, hoarding the rest in a slowly building war chest, a bid for freedom. Being kicked out of her grandmother's and now her aunt's homes had left the troubled teen with a desire for some true form of independence and nothing was going to stop that. Eventually Louis would be pressed to try forcing her back into school, a thought which saddened the chubby, pear shaped Latina. For Angie Delgado, a true force of nature in her own right, didn't know how she would respond. For now in the present, she would continue her assumed duties in the house of the generous man who'd taken her under his wing. The large, shapely teenager was disturbed by a light rapping at the door. Angie smiled to herself figuring it was the Jehovah Witness' people who were in for a surprise as she cracked the front door, still bottomless. "SHIT" She threw all of her weight into the door trying to shut it, but it was too late as the man mountain forced his way inside with enough power to send her stumbling back a few steps, off balance. "Oh, you're gonna be rude, too." He managed to get the rest of his bulk inside the small apartment, smiling at his young charge. "Oh, hey Angel." Angie greeted through gritted teeth with a fake smile. The giant biker glanced around the apartment before his eyes settled on her bare lower half. "What is this happy horseshit, eh?" He quickly brandished his hunting knife in a blur of movement, shoving Angie aside as he walked methodically to the kitchen before taking the short corridor to the bedroom as she scurried after him. "AIN'T NOBODY HERE, ANGEL" He finally registered her panicked voice glancing down at the eighteen year old. "Oh, so this is how you get down when I ain't watching; being a fucking bust down for some old pervert, eh?!" He motioned towards her bare muff with the knife free bbw threesome porn movies . "It's not like that; and it ain't none of your business how the fuck, I get down Angel." She was speaking more out of bravado than anything else. "Oh, is that right?" Angel slowly returned the knife to its scabbard at the small of his back, unable to take his eyes away from her exposed lower half. "Yeah, that's what I said, didn't I?" He wiped a single finger under his nose, stroking his long beard as he processed her words. In a flash of movement, Angel clapped both of his hands on her biceps, raising the large girl up into the bedroom ceiling leaving her thick legs hanging in front of his face. The impact was hard enough to knock the wind out of Angie, making bits of paint and plaster rain down from the roof. "¡¿REALMENTE TE VASTE AL FRENTE DE MÍ HABLANDO MIERDA CON TU COÑO, ANGIE? ¡REALMENTE QUIERES BAJAR ESE MALDITO CAMINO CONMIGO, PEQUEÑA PERRA! ¡TE ENSEÑÉ CADA MIERDA COSAS QUE SABES, ASÍ QUE NO ME HAGAS ARRUINARLA NIÑA!" Angie's face flushed crimson, her mouth hanging open in reaction to the wind being knocked out of her frame. This man mountain definitely meant business in no uncertain terms. "Lo siento maestro, por favor bájame. No quise faltarle al respeto." Angie whimpered, knowing there was nothing she could do with the angry biker. He was after all, her mentor in many things but chiefly her teacher and the man who'd taught her how to use her fists. "PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON, ANGIE!" He tossed her onto the bed nearly flattening it because of her weight. The bed rocked under her as the headboard became dislodged on one side. Angie quickly pulled on a pair of homemade shorts, covering herself. The look on the towering enforcer's face read of something between disappointment and disgust. "Why're you here?" "You gotta go back over to your aunt's house." "They kicked me out." "So." He was already walking around the edge of the bed opening the closet, tossing a few things out. He seemed to be searching for something, perhaps thinking Louis was hiding there. "No one's in there, Angel." "I know." He snatched an expensive looking silk shirt off a hanger, tearing it to shreds before snatching more clothing out of the closet before. The giant retrieved one shoe that he began twisting and deforming until it was unrecognizable. Angie knew to keep quiet and let the massive biker vent in his own way. "Hey, I had to fuck Brenda up because she was trying to get in my room with a knife. I flattened that banana nose of hers and she got me kicked out." Angie explained as he yanked a drawer out of a dresser smashing it against the wall. "And you had nothing to do with that, right? Didn't do nothing to set her off, eh Angie? Tell me you're not over there at your Aunt's house stirring the pot?" He yanked out a second drawer smashing it into several pieces on the dresser top. "Maybe there was a boy." Angie admitted, making sure to keep still. The monolithic biker was known to be difficult to control when he was in an aggressive mood. "Just one?" "Two, and uhm, she sort of found the condoms." Angel stopped what he was doing for a few moments staring at his protege for a few seconds until she wisely looked away. Her brown eyes went wide as he yanked out the knife again stabbing it into the top of the dresser livenudecam69 . She watched him use the serrated knife to write Louis a message. "Didn't I tell you to watch your shit?" "Yeah." "So, what the fuck happened?" He motioned with the knife as he spoke making her uneasy. Angie didn't answer verbally, but her face registered the tiniest bit of emotion as she winced. It was a nervous tick that Angie got whenever she was forced to bottle up extreme emotion. "Man, I did what you told me, laid low, kept my shut and cleaned up after their shit. I just got along to get along and you know what it got me? FUCKING SHIT, MAN" Her eyes fluttered as she wiped away an errant tear. "Did you have to fuck your cousin's face up like that, Angie?" "SHE GOT WHAT SHE CAME FOR" The large, curvy teen buried her face in her hands, unwilling to budge any more than necessary. "Don't do that shit, I'll fuck your nose up too if you cry on me, bitch." Angie turned, facing the wall long enough to compose herself. He watched stoically as she sniffled a bit before turning to face him again. "Uhm, Concepcion ain't gonna let me back in; this is her boyfriend's place." "Damn, you just nuking everything, ain't you?" "It's not like that Angel; she's an asshole and her daughter is a stupid bitch. Brenda was talking down on me saying I was "DUMPED" on her doorstep, called me a fucking pig to her friends, saying I was looking for a pity fuck from her man. Jose was a fucking cherry, so I took a bite. That Cholo she had on the side was just thirsty, so I gave him a drink. Brenda didn't like it, so she stepped up and got her fucking face smashed." Angie started ranting, wiping more tears away from her eyes as she stared down at her own bare feet. "Look, I can't have you with me and you know why, Angie. I can't do nothing about their fucking attitude, but your mother needs you to stay there." "WHY?" "I don't gotta tell you nothing; I say, you do Angela. That's the way it goes, the way it always has been and will fucking be, little girl. You call your own shots when I say so, and when I cut you lose." Despite her best attempts, tears were running freely down her cheeks. "So, I gotta be their fucking maid again and stay up in that closet they gave me to sleep in, eh Angel?" "Pack your shit up, we gotta go; I need to talk to your Auntie about some shit." He unzipped, taking a whiz in Louis' bed as the petulant girl packed up her meager belongings. Angel pivoted shattering the mirror with his fist. ¡MIRE DONDE PONGA SU POLLA O VOY A VOLVER! [Translation: WATCH WHERE YOU PUT YOUR DICK OR I'M GOING TO COME BACK] was carved into the top of Louis dresser making the thick teen feel even more guilty. "Louis is really a nice guy; you didn't have to trash his place." "He got off light." The enforcer discovered a photo of Louis among his assembled staff in a classroom type photograph, hocking a wad of spittle on it. "I ain't sleeping in that closet again." Angie warned. "I don't give a fuck, but you are gonna be in that house until your mother gets out." He shouldered her bag, aggressively ushering Angie out of the bedroom. The minute shoving match continued as Angie was half tossed outside the modest apartment. Her eyes locked on the motorcycle that would take her back to a life of servitude, silently bristling. ***************** It felt like Christmas morning as Brenda found a surprise looking at social media on her phone. There was a photo on a friend's page depicting Angie Delgado laid out on the sidewalk with fragments of a bottle around her head. It actually looked like she'd been the victim of a drive by shooting. A single tear ran down her cheek as she continually stared at the photo. The petite former beauty wished she were there to witness the beating in person as she lay in her bed still feeling the effects of her coupling with Angel, earlier that morning. There was a second photo attached which immediately changed her fortunes immediately as it depicted Angie, still battered and bruised in an altogether different picture obviously taken sometime after the first. Brenda's brow started to furrow while her lower lip quivered. Angie was standing there on the face of her phone with her arms around her close friend Maricela and her older cousin, Norma. The pock faced older cousin known to be a poser, looked like she'd been in a traffic accident. Her face was a disgusting, bloated mess along with her tattered, blood soaked clothing. "WHY? NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT FOR ME ANYMORE" Brenda lost it in a brief tantrum chucking her phone against the wall. "FUCKING BITCH" The happy go lucky smile on the teen's baby face sent her over the edge as she rolled over burying her face in a pillow, sobbing. The sound of Angel's hog pulling up to the house suddenly interrupted her spoiled tantrum. "Shit." Brenda sat up quickly wondering, hoping and praying that Angie managed to remain in Louis apartment. She scurried to her feet still feeling somewhat of a void between her legs after foolishly trying to take on the man mountain. Her worst fears were realized as some heated conversation could be heard before the sound of the screen door opening assailed her ears. Brenda panicked stumbling out into the corridor as the heavy oak door swung open propelled by the towering biker enforcer. Her eyes widened, both hands rising to cover the prominent bandage on her nose as her mouth hung open in horror. Angie was standing just inside the door staring a hole through her with the same expression she remembered the night her face was destroyed. Somehow she looked even bigger than normal height and lengthwise biting her bottom lip, immobile and visibly seething. Brenda was a deer caught in headlights standing there in the middle of the corridor between the living room and her cousin's meager lodgings, the small room she occupied when she lived there in the modest house. The murderous expression on Angie's face caused goosebumps to sprout all over her body as she nervously hiccuped. Angel's large burly head appeared in the front doorway taking visual stock of both teens, noticing the stifling tension in the room. "I'm gonna go talk to your mother, Brenda bbw boobs sexy girls ; Angie, she bet not be lying on the floor when I get back." Angie rolled her eyes tightly shutting them altogether gritting her teeth and clenching her ham fists. He glanced over at his eighteen year old charge wanting a cue that she understood his orders. In reality, the large curvy girl felt an acute sense of defeat at being forced to return to a place she'd been unceremoniously ejected from. Brenda noticed her chest visibly heaving as Angie's bag came flying into the living room with a loud thud, the impact scattering her belongings everywhere. The sound of his hog roaring out of the block followed fading as both girls faced one another. Brenda weighed her options considering locking herself inside her room knowing that there was no escape via the still open front door. Angie suddenly slammed the front door hard enough to shake the front room window. "Uh, Angie?" Brenda whimpered as her cousin's eyes opened focusing on her narrow face. The large, curvy teen started power walking towards her cousin with purpose. Brenda couldn't seem to take her eyes off her cousin's baby face, stumbling backward down the hall with her cousin looking her directly in the eyes. Angie closed the distance as Brenda lost any space to retreat finding the refrigerator door pressed into her back. Her eyes ended up on the larger girl's heaving chest as she found herself with nowhere left to go. Brenda lost her footing ending up on her knees with the kitchen wall at her right side with Angie standing over her. "Fuck out the way." Angie snatched a soda from the interior of the fully stocked fridge, internally noting an abundance of food that wasn't usually found inside. Concepcion sometimes whisked her daughter away for dinner at restaurants while she was left to her own devices with whatever was in the house at the time. Angie had become aware of the gambit after repeat instances of this tactic. She pulled the tab off the can glaring down at her cousin before chugging the soda. Brenda still entertained thoughts of running to her room or escaping the house altogether as Angie tossed the can in the trash. The petite teen slowly regained her feet staring silently at her cousin's face for a few moments finding a telling sliver of emotion. "I knew he wanted you." "What?" "Jose, he wanted you." "I wouldn't ever have gone there if you hadn't turned on me; I just wanted to hurt you. Fuck Brenda, I didn't even lie about it when he asked." Angie stared deep into her eyes speaking her truth letting her true self emerge a bit further. "We were at that street fair, that one time and I caught him staring at that fat ass of yours. I thought to myself; how the fuck could he do that shit to me? I'm beautiful, one of the most popular girls at school and everything. There he is, just burning a hole in that gran culo gordo of yours! I felt, like steaming dog shit, Angie." "I said I never would've gone there; fuck you want me to say, huh?" "I don't know, just say something, bitch." They stood in the kitchen staring at one another for a long while as the ambient noises of cars passing by and children playing outside drifted into the house. "I guess SIZE MATTERS, after all." Angie gritted her teeth staring a hole in her cousin expecting a fight, but Brenda laughed. "Yeah, guess you're right." "What's so funny?" "Somebody told me the exact same thing, earlier." Brenda admitted glancing away down the hallway towards the living room. She folded her arms across her chest peering down at the tiled kitchen floor as tears welled up in her eyes. Angie stared trying not to feel anything rolling and cracking her shoulders. She was more at home using her fists to solve problems than dealing with emotional issues. It was one of the reasons she'd decided to remain mostly mute in her dealings with family. "Hey, I'm sorry." She offered as a verbal olive branch. "I deserved it; I was wrong for talking shit. I was fronting and look what it cost me; my favorite cousin." "Stop it." "What?" "Stop saying shit like that or I'm going to kick your ass; don't get all weepy and lay off the emotional stuff, Brenda." Angie wiped her forearm across her face catching some errant tears that ran across her chubby cheeks. "So, you hate me?" "You hate me; and your moms too, bitch." The emotion in her voice was palpable. "Angie, I'm sorry, REALLY." "You're just saying that because you got caught." "Yeah, you're right; I'm a piece of shit, Angie. I'm serious about it, I mean it so much and you're just so much better than me, anyway. I mean, fuck it Angie; you won, alright? You proved that I ain't shit and everything, so you can't just, like forgive me, huh?" The petite diva was already sobbing as she stammered in the presence of her physically larger cousin. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT FROM ME?" Angie yelled, arms spread. "I don't know." "You wanna hug it out, bitch?" Brenda stared at her cousin for a few moments as Angie stood there, hands still outstretched. She knew the larger girl could and would maul her like a bear still feeling anxious at the sight of her. They were alone in the house and nothing would save her if Angie decided to put the boots to her. She wiped the tears from her eyes looking at her cousin's baby face wondering if she would ever forgive the original offense made in that bathroom weeks earlier. Brenda closed the distance wrapping her arms around Angie in a deep hug. "Excuse me; what're you doing?" "Hugging it out." Brenda tightened the hug around her cousin as Angie dropped her arms exasperated with the petite beauty. "I'm supposed to forgive you?" "Hug me back." Brenda begged just above a whisper as Angie reluctantly complied, still unsure if she should trust a self-described former enemy. Brenda was a full head shorter, with her arms meeting just above Angie's lower back. Her head was pressed against her cousin's bosom realizing the quickened heartbeat as both of them breathed hard trying not to cry. "Hey, what're you doing?" "Hugging." "That's not hugging; that's your hands on my ass." The petite Latina's hands were covering the expanded swell of Angie's expansive derriere. Her thin fingers gave it a hearty squeeze. "So?" Angie gave her a shove separating them as Brenda cowered a little. "Damn, you going all nasties on me, huh bitch? You know how fucked up that is Brenda, eh? That's some old hillbilly shit right there, girl!" Brenda stared a her own bare feet, leaning against the refrigerator for a few seconds before smiling to herself. "You scared?" "What, excuse the fuck outta me, eh?" Angie leaned into the counter top holding the edge with an incredulous look on her face. "I didn't mean to; but it's okay if you're scared." Brenda carefully taunted. "Hey, you think I'm scared of you grabbing on my ass, huh Brenda?" She was a little fearful of her cousin who looked as if she were on the verge of delivering another beat down, but Brenda forced a smile and shrug in silent challenge. "Well." "Fuck you." Angie's own ego got the better of her as she turned her back towards Brenda, popping a hip out in her direction. Her huge derriere was imposing and in your face, the cheeks bulging below the bikini cut of her makeshift daisy dukes. Brenda stared pointedly wondering what she'd gotten herself into for the second time in a day, but decided to follow through on the nonverbal dare. "Yeah?" Brenda reached down, swinging her palm in an underhanded arc up into Angie's left cheek. It was overly heated to the touch filling her thin fingers as she started squeezing it like a stress ball. She tried to close her fingers around the handful of flesh, digging her nails into it. Brenda took it further using her fingers to jiggle it while scanning her cousin's face for a reaction.

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