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Latest android tech and latest pes amd ppsspp games mod apk download


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Aug 29 2020, 12:25 PM (58 w, 6 d)

Grace Found Me ….

On a Friday evening when I was surfing the net, I came across a post titled 'How I made 6 figures monthly from blogging' …

When I saw the post, I immediately clicked on it to read through... I was too quick to develop Interest in it because it seems to be my thing…

I went ahead to make more research when I found out that there are many things to consider before venturing into blogging fully…

Among which include the blogging niche, then traffic generation and monetization strategy.
Does anyone use Spotify premium apk free on the M6 ​​and download the songs offline on the micro sd card? I can not do it, I open spotify, I go to storage settings, I choose the micro SD card as storage by default, then all the song are downloaded on the micro sd, but when I close and reopen spotify changes to the internal memory of the M6 and all the music is deleted in the sd card and spotify try to download this Music app on the internal memory, obviously no space. I think it is an error of the Spotify application for the M6 ​​but please, if someone has got it communicate it in this forum.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos, downloaded a lot of eBooks, met with some professionals in this field online to learn from them.

This was the moment where I had to sacrifice little cash I had to buy a hosting and domain to create my blog site on Word Press.

I did this because of the love I developed for this newly found field…I was also fortunate to get free Internet service at my place of work which boosted my morale.

So I had to venture into the apk game niche where I talked about various Android games like the PSP iso, ppsspp games. I also included a category which showed various types of PC games. Meanwhile, the mod version of these games too was not left out.

It seems so easy for me because of my vast knowledge of games. Yes, I grew up playing games. Most especially the Action and racing games. I could remember too well how I got late to school because I had to play with the PlayStation Console all night.

I was so smart enough to understand the concept of each of these games which made me win anyone I engaged myself with.

The success ….

I started having the feeling that my game blog was gonna be a successful one when my monthly visitors increased exponentially to 10,547 in march and then by 7% in April …That was the same moment I gave up on the petty jobs I was doing. My focus was now fully on blogging.

Fast forward to June, I began to receive a lot of sponsored posts requests from different brands which made a whole lot of money ….

Aside from the money gotten from sponsored posts, my affiliate links began to generate a lot of income than I ever imagined…

Everything seemed like a blessing to me …. Yeah, A Blessing…

It got to a point where I began to realize that I had started making 6 figures from my single blog…

I reached out to my parents and siblings in California to inform them about my new business an how successful it is. I also sent them a few bucks regularly.

The Lesson

I realized how important it was to discover one's true talent… How important it was to take action and be determined… How realistic it is to make money from home and Of Course online.

My Advice to You

From my life experience, below are my advice to help the masses fight poverty in their life.

●It is good to spend wisely, it is better to save but it is best to invest.

If you spend, your money would reduce but you get value for what you bought. If you save, your money would remain the same. If you invest in this pandemic, your money would multiply!

Yes, you need to invest in knowledge, learn a new skill in your chosen field, invest in online business and watch your money multiply in the future!

●Learn to push yourself! You will only get the result after the action has been taken. Nobody will do this for you because if you don't leave where you are, you will remain where you are.

●Always find something good in any condition you find yourself. Most times you have to take advantage of your condition. This is what most people fail to understand but has to be treated with caution.

●Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Try to learn a new trade even if your current one is paying your bills.


Poverty has placed us in a condition where we decide what we want to do with ourselves. It is left for us to find out who we are so that we can fight it completely.

I hope you learnt something from my story!

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