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Tincture not working
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I just recently noticed that the tincture seems to be useless. I know it USED to have a function! I used to use it every two or three times I was in Zombie Fights. It would say APPLY Tincture, do the animation, then as I walked, it would say in the corner YOUR WOUNDS FEEL BETTER or something like that, to tell me that the tincture was working to make me better. Now I can APPLY the tincture just fine, but it no longer ever gives me messages to tell me that it is working.

Do the Vitamins give any advantage?


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  2. WAIT a few minutes
  3. Notice nothing happens at all... ever.
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Long ago, this was the 1,2,3

  2. WAIT a few minutes
  3. Begin recieving message "YOUR WOUNDS FEEL BETTER"

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Thing is, applying alcohol never did anything in the first place. "Your wound feels better." didn't actually mean anything. Currently tinctures can be used to clean rags.

Then why is tincture in the game? I wonder also about the true value of VITAMINS. They seem to do nothing. I eat them and I have escaped death. Perhaps due to increased vitality from vitamins? Probably not. But, why else are they in the game.

And the CHARCOAL TABS and PAINKILLERS and TETRACYCLINE TABS and the SYRINGE & PENICILLIN. Charcoal has only use for newbs who eat rotten fruit and drink shitty water. I no longer shake from residual injuries (to appease the newbs) so I don't need Painkillers. I have never seen an actual illness so the Tetracycline Tabs are dumb. The Syringe and Penicillin? I have taken a sample from myself. Maybe a friend. I cannot combine the Syringe with the Penicillin. So that is all useless.

And of course, the Defib ROFLMAO A heart attack. Who has ever witnessed one of those? I will carry the Defib for 4 inventory spots just in case! LOL!