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some bugs with 2 akm
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1 i cant reload the akm "in my hands" via r buttom, i have to drop the one in my hand and get the one on my back, there it works.

2 when i drink from a pond with 2 akm, the one in my hand should get dropped on the ground. but it just shows the old drinking animation.

3 when shooting, the akm on my back shoots too(animation) but doesnt empty the mag

4 i joined a server, so both akm's where packed away, after a zombie hit i started to bleed. so i used a rag, the second akm(not the one on my back) dissapiert out of my inventory and wasnt on the spot where it should had been dropped. so i logged out and come right back in and the akm was on the floor where it should be


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1 get 2 akm
empty the one in your hand and press r

2 go to the well with 2 akm and drink

3 shoot with 2 akm

4 join a server and have both akm in your inventory
use a rag(dont know if bandages work the same way)

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