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Arma 2 barracks, bullet proof glass.
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*copied and pasted from a Reddit post I made*
So, I just had an encounter with one very unfriendly player and another who seemed quite friendly (PeterChauve). There's a bit of backstory but I won't bore you with ALL of the details, just that I spawned in Dolina and looted my way up to the NWAF because I wanted an AKM and couldn't find one on the way. I eventually DID find one only to be upset at not finding any ammo for the damn thing, which wasn't a big deal as the airfield had been mostly looted at this point.

After going through the tents at the north end I started my way down the east side, and specifically avoided the one player I saw because I didn't want an altercation. I had two sidearms, 1911 and .357, but against a full auto AKM? Didn't want to chance it, y'dig? But just after entering the barracks on the east side I took a couple of bullets to the back, I think, and several more landed in the walls around me, so I dove into a room and positioned myself with .357 in hand to watch the door. I called out to my would-be dispatcher:

Me: Hey, it doesn't have to be this way man.

No response.

Me: If you need anything that I have I'll give it to you.

No response.

I said a few more things before it became very obvious that the guy wasn't interested in chatting, trading, or being friends. This is where the title of this post comes into play. I've got my gun fixed on the doorway when I notice a player walk up to the window outside. We look at each other for a moment before I notice him raise his weapon (which I believe was an AKM) and I took aim at his face with my revolver. I fired all six rounds, he fired god knows how many, and the damn window ate it ALL. By all rights I should be dead, and my attacker should probably be a stinky corpse as well, but we're not. We're both fine and dandy. He disappeared from the window, and I reloaded. The tension was very heavy in the tiny room, so much so when a different face appeared in the doorway (PeterChauve, word up dude) I nearly pulled the trigger. I had a brief exchange with him, explained the very unfriendly guy that was lurking somewhere on the airfield, and decided to haul ass off the airfield. I escaped relatively unharmed.

Now, the point of this post is the glass. At the very least twenty bullets were fired into a single pane of glass and it ate ALL OF THEM. Something needs to be done about this, because I don't like the fact that I'm still alive because an extremely brittle substance caught a salvo of gunfire like a boss. I'd rather the glass had broken and I had died than to have survived because of it. Also, oops it kind of looks like I in-fact DID give most of the details. Sorry 'bout that.


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Simply try to shoot someone through the solid panes of glass at any barracks.

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