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[Suggestion] New animation when using items when holding a two-handed weapons
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When you have, for an example, either an M4 or axe in your hands and you want to eat or use another one-handed item, the character puts the weapon between his legs and starts to use the item.

And when you add the belt, the character would put the weapon he is using on his belt to hang around until he/she is done using the item.

Also could you add a belt sometimes? I don`t think you could in real life use some sort of glue to stick the weapon on your T-shirt or jacket.

Could you devs add this to the next update? Please?


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Maybe I'm a purist. One weapon. Massive deterrant if you want two. I like that you must manage them by placing them down, etc. If you want to put them in a backpack, it should take half the pack or maybe you need to break them down in the pack or make it a special pack required (something rare like the stab vest/press vest)

One gun makes the shooter decide if he/she is an assault first or snipe first preference. It ultimately keeps the KOS down a bit. It keeps encounters more calculated.

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If this will really be implemented like this in this game, the game is dead.

Already now there are TOO many kiddies with M4'4 killing everyone and everything.

Is that better now?

Holding a 2 handed weapon with one hand, definitely no.
But, holding a pistol with the right hand and a flashlight with the left one, yes with loose of accuracy.
For now that on thing that make me don't play at night even if I like it.
1-Use flashlight, see a zombie aggro.
2-Take gun out, cannot see zombie any longer, being punched...
3-take the flashlight out, see zombie, unable to kill it...
4-redo step 2 to 4 again...
Or maybe we can "just" use the flashlight as a melee weapon like in Rust?
Upvote you for the idea, but more thinking about it.

@MrDouille what I mean is that you could hold for an example an M4 or a fireaxe in your left hand while you're eating or using a flashlight, if you don't have a weapon flashlight. But if you want to shoot or use the axe, you'd have put the second item away.

Ok so I disagree with it because if you have to put away one item to use another it's useless. And beside eating require both hands.
What can be done is redo animation for example is you have a riffle in your hands while eating, character should block his weapon between his legs, eat and then take weapon back.

@MrDouille actually thats what I meant. Thanks!