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Lost 75 round clip
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So, I came across a 75 round clip. Obvioulsy, pretty stoked on that. I was surprised to see that it is HUGE! It takes up 4 inventory slots! I took it from a dude I killed, only to have it disappear into thin air.

The problem is not with the clip. It is actually a combination of two issues. One with the way items appear in the scroll wheel menu while interacting with the environments. The other with how inventory is handled by the software.

I had a pretty full inventory at the time of losing the 75 round clip. Included were three 30 round clips. As you know, when in possession of extra clips, it is often shown in the scroll wheel menu to "Reload Clip" or.. (not sure the exact words right this second). Well, the situation was simple. I was trying to access a gate into a yard so I could access the house beyond. I scroll-wheeled so I could access the "Open Gate" command.

Problem #1: The RELOAD weapon is always the first thing on the list. RELOAD is not often on the list. 98% of the time that I open gates, OPEN GATE is on the top of the list. This time, I clicked the first thing on the list (as I do 98% of the time) and I reloaded my weapon.

My 75 round clip was swapped for a 30 round clip.

Problem #2: My inventory did not have four empty slots in it. The software did not know where to put the 75 round clip. It disappeared into thin air. Bullets and all.


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I have only ever held one 75 round clip. I cannot test with 30 round clips, as they are the same size and take up the same amount of inventory space. This means that one will swap for the other and neither will disappear.

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lost mine too, but i cant tell if a hacker stole it from me or something with the action menu wasnt working right.

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Closing as both issues mentioned have been reported previously