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Use same item over and over again
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I was playing experimental and decided to have a drink of Nota Cola. I was curious to see what would happen if i opened the tab menu and clicked the 'x' button on the soda. Surprisingly, the drinking animation still occurred and i gained the energy from the soda, but the soda was still in my bag. I drank over and over again from the same soda can.

UPDATE: I just tried the same thing with a cooked steak and it works. I think it works for all food and drinks.

2ND UPDATE: I just tried it with rags, and now believe it works with any item when used.


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  1. Put a food or drink in your inventory.
  2. Right click and click 'drink' or 'eat'.
  3. Immediately, in the tab menu, where the 'hands' section is, when the eating or drinking animation begins, click the 'x' button to cancel.
  4. Gain energy, but food or drink is still there.

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I can confirm that this bug still exists in the new 0.46 stable update.

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This isue is annoying. But for me this is not a major or critical bug.

Cheater/Hacker and Wallhacker, this is critical.

This issue is critical because it ruins the whole survival aspect of the game. A major part of the game is trying to scavenge for food, water, and supplies in order to survive. This bug makes that concept completely irrelevant, since you can eat the same can of beans and drink the same can of soda.


thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #10922 (Soda cans don't get empty / tuna cans invisible).

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