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Game Crashes to Desktop while changing Server or exiting Game
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Hi Dev-Team,
i recently noticed that the Game will crash and take me to the desktop when i try to change the server or want to exit the game after playing. As error message you will get the message "DayZ stopped working".

I also know a few friends who have the same Problem.

I uploaded the dxdiag and crashdumps to a filehoster. See the link in seperated message.

Best wishes


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Method A

  1. Join a server and play DayZ
  2. Exit server
  3. Connect to another server
  4. Wait till counter hits zero
  5. Crash to desktop and error message

Method B

  1. Join a server and play DayZ
  2. Exit server
  3. Exit game
  4. Game closes or crashes(not sure) and error message

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Happens about 80% to me since latest stable patch

Yup, this happens almost 100% of the time since the last update.


this issue should be fixed in the latest version.

Thanks for the feedback.