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Weapon spawn serious unbalance
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Firearms like the SKS and Mosin spawn almost everywhere whereas sidearms and hunting weapons are rare. There are too many military bases and chopper crashes in Chernarus making high-end weapons really easy to find. This renders basic weapons totally pointless even for early characters.

My suggested spawn balance...

Weapons (sorted by firepower):

components -> tools -> melee / ranged weapons -> revolvers -> hunting rifles -> pistols -> submachineguns -> assault rifles -> grenades -> sniper rifles -> grenade launchers -> relics

components: Items to craft melee/ranged weapons like simple wooden sticks, throwable stones, fireworks, pipes and bows
tools: kitchen knives, hoes…
melee / ranged: combat knives, crossbows, hunting bows, blowpipes, boomerangs
runting rifles: rifles / shotguns
relics: WWII gear / swords / shields / armor (rare but could spawn almost anywhere)

Tactical variants, silencers and long range scopes should be even harder to spawn.

Ammo: Should be as rare as their weapons, sometimes forcing the player to abandon advanced weapons due lack of ammo availability. Heavy calibers could be rarer.

states: ruined -> badly damaged -> damaged and so on...

Ruined should be the standard for everything making loot processes more challenging and immersive. Pristine should be REALLY rare.

Conclusion: Stick and stone should be the easier weapons to find while sniper rifles and grenade launchers the rarer ones thus making hunting weapons predominant in the game. But I’m not sure if machineguns should even exist in this game, unless zombies become really powerful and numerous someday.


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