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Duplication of character, ending in death
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I jumped into my normal game, and lo and behold, I was viewing myself. Then popped into 3rd person, and it showed both of us. I walked around the tower, and then BAM dead. No gunshots, just dead.

Game quit unexpectedly when exiting game. Then on a later character, I go back into the same server I had just left - and once again, duplicate character.

For hope that my character wouldn't be killed off, I exited.


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I've seen the doppelganger also. I logged out from one server, then very quickly logged back into the same one. The doppelganger was there to greet me, right where I logged out.

My friend and I decided to kill the doppelganger. Just to see. I had to shoot her twice. My friend fired the third and final shot to kill her. I did not die. Just the doppelganger.