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slow run bug
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Hi All,
I have the standalone and my ping is great. When I double tap W to sprint my guy goes about half the speed as anyone else and looks like hes running in slow motion. I was well fed and hydrated and could not figure out the problem so I killed that character off and started a fresh spawn with the exact same problem. After that I uninstalled the game 2x and still had the same problem with brand new characters on default settings. I've found that this bug has been around since 2012 from what I can tell. Does anyone have any insight here? I did delete the dayz folder in my documents when I reinstalled FYI. Thanks.

EDIT - I have fixed this after several uninstalls and reinstalled grfx driver and deleting all dayz files from my PC.


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Did you try taping the key pad zero once or the double shift key?
You maybe have been locked in the slow motion with the zero key or with the double shift.