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[Suggestion] More rusty, abandoned cars, trucks and tanks to the airfields, especially to the near-empty NEAF in 0.46
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I think you guys did great job with changing the North-East airfield into a less PvP zone, but I think the airfield is littlebit too empty.

I think you should add crashed cars, abandoned tanks with dead soldiers sticking out of them and trucks which are either just abandoned in the middle of the road or just being somewhere, to the airfields and especially to the changed NEAF.

This would add a creepy effect to the game, which would show that there really was a massive panic and chaos going on before the events of the game and people were trying to get out as fast as they could, but were killed in car crashes or in some horrible ways.

Also 3 plane-truck crashsites should be scatter on the 3 airfields of Chernarus. You could find some good loot from them, like backpacks, attachements or weapon and also few corpses showing, that the trucks' drivers were killed by a zombie and because noone was driving the vechiles, they crashed into planes that were trying to make a takeoff.


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More abandoned cars, trucks and tanks on the airfields and especially on the completetly modified NEAF.

And plain-truck crashsites onto every airfield with loot spawning at them.

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Yeah suggestion was the word, thanks

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Crashed airplane not on the runway please.
Think about when you wanna land something there.

@f1v3 the collided plain and truck wouldn't need to be in the middle of the runway, but somewhere on the sides.

f1v3 added a comment.Jun 24 2014, 2:58 PM

A little bit off the runway like it almost made the take off, but the something went wrong and it crashed :)

Stop with the stupid suggestion, its a website to report bugs, you are burrying importants posts.

@leeroynewman I don't see how this is a stupid suggestion nor how do these "bury" other reports which the devs monitor all the time

Agreed with Leeroynewman, this is not right place to do something like this, this is bug report, if you don´t understand it you have big problem right there.

Check R834's comment in this suggestion which should be added to the game:

Also if people can't post few suggestion per how long time, I don't know where then.

This is an alpha version of the game, where there is supposed to be given ideas to the full release of it.

Forum, there is whole section for suggestions