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Cannot kill deer
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Hunting is implemented on stable?

I found a beautiful buck. Twice now. I 'hunted' him both times. First I tried shooting him with my M4 from about 50 yards away. Nothing happened. Then I crept up to about 25 yards. Nothing happened. Then I got to about 15 yards from him and he bolted. So I 'hunted' him again and got to about 15 yards again. This time, I was more careful and I fired my M4 right at his heat. I had the ACOG sight on him and everything. I should have blasted his brains out all over Chenarus. Nothing. He turned and walked to a spot 3 yards farther to my left.


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I also tried shooting him with my .45 pistol.

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This is not repeatable. I have no idea what happened. I have killed things since then. Close this report.

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Closing as requested