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Invisible and random broken arm(s) on server join - possible cause of weapon sights sway/jitter
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A bug may cause the player to recieve an arm fracture upon entering the game, which could be the cause of the jittering that makes iron sight aiming extremely difficult. This injury does not seem to display in the inventory screen, making it invisible to the player until him/her uses either a morphine shot or splint, causing the weapon sights to behave normally.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a hardcore or regular server after updating to .45 stable.
  1. Upon entering the game, a "player hurt" sound may or may not play, followed by a red tint on screen for a split second.
  1. Aim down iron sights of an AKM, M4, Mosin or Sporter rifle etc and experience heavy horizontal jitter.
  1. Use morphine or crafted splint on self to alleviate the issue.
Additional Information

Player population, server ping, or any other variables seem to have no noticeable effect on reproduction of bug. Some sessions seem unaffected for some reason.

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