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"The server has not been able to contact the central server to load a character"
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I have this error everytime i try to connect any server. Please help my, if i lost all of my gear, i spent 5h to collect it.


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I have the same Problem.

At every new Server, my Player spwan at a another place.
After 2 logins, I stand at the Airfield and I´m completly naked.
My Gun are white in my hotbar.

I hope the Problem will be fixed.
PS. Sorry for my english, I´m from Germany.

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I have same problem as well.
Let me try to describe it.
Character loss seems random to me. I have tried connecting to 6-7 servers. And on most of them I received "not been able to contact the central server to load a character" message. And I started as a new character after it, obviously. Only one of those servers was able to load my previous character. All others were not. All those servers were in different countries (Europe), so it does not relate to geographical location of the server. I tried connecting to both regular and hardcore servers (Stable branch). I do not have DayZ executable blocked in Firewall, I have Firewall switched off, if it does matter.
Please help.

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I had that message twice today. I lost my main caracter , 1 week of playtime fucked up , its painfull.

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Vote this up, people.
Also try to describe which servers are unable to load your character, and if you got lucky and were able to find the server which loaded your char, then name it here as well.

Also, here is another Issuer Report on the same problem, vote it up and comment:

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Oh well, yeah logged and my char are naked

Had this problem repeatedly for a few days but became unbearable yesterday, I've also had settings reset with a new character, loading of old characters lost and continuous rubberbanding, usually occurring with an inability to open doors, switch items, use items, grab/drop/equip items.

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I had the same problem. Today I connect to 3 servers and I always was reseted with message "Server has not been able to load ..." (like above)

Yeah, this happens very often to me, it's like some massive amount of servers can't connect to the central hive and it gives you a new character, it took me half an hour to find a server who can load my old character back...

I am currently receiving this error and have been with both .46 and .47 versions of the game. Have tried from two different computers and many different servers with the same result, however today I managed to find a single server so far that still loads my old character...

Hello tita,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close the ticket since the problem seems to have been solved (I checked your account in the database).

In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.