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Massive lag spikes causing rubberbanding and inability to interact with the world.
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With the push to stable of .45 there is a new bug that was NEVER BEFORE SEEN in experimental.
This bug causes periodic lag spikes between the player and the server which last 30-90 seconds. Spikes occur at least every half hour to hour.
During these spikes the player can not switch weapons, open doors, or move without rubberbanding.
This is a different kind of rubberbanding and it manifests in 2 ways.

1: you run of some distance and are then the game takes control of your character and plays your last few seconds of action backwards, including mouse movement.

2:you bump up against an invisible wall that can not be crossed.

sometimes when these periods of lag occur you seen a solid yellow chain like the one that indicates that the server has restarted.


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play the game normally.

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this problem persists across all servers and is not related to the number of players. Lag spikes happened equally on low and high pop servers.

It also happened equally across the "official" Multiplaygamerservres servers and privately rented public servers.


Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close your ticket since this issue should already have been addressed by the team.