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Beverage can can be used unlimited times
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I can use any beverage can unlimited times (Pipsi, Kvass, Nota Cola, Spite).
The can does not disappear after use and I can use it again. It will still give energy and water, so that I can keep my energy and water levels high with using just a single beverage can.
I can do that with my regular and hardcore character.


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Drink a can of Pipsi, Kvass, Nota Cola or Spite

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I did not die since last patch

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Important: Problem disappeared after I died and had to use a new character. Maybe the problem will disappear completely over time

I was just about to report something similar.

I drank a cola whine in was in my vicinity box on my inventore, I gained the Energy + Water, and it gave me a cosy of the can that I could use an unlimited amount of times.
We then dropped the cap and my friend picked it up and did the same thing, and got the same bug.

So this I would qualify as a serious dupe bug that needs to be fixed.

same here

On the regular Server, my Character didn't die since January. I have there a can of Kvass, which I can use unlimited time.
I had replaced the item some times from backpack to the vest, to the ground, and back again. Works everywhere.

(Version 0.46.124490)