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caracter resets often when entering game
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Hi Dayz'ers,

I got a problem with my DayZ SA. Most times when i enter a game, my character is fully reset. My friend whom i always play with has no problems. His gear is intact and spawns where we ended the evening before, mine is gone and i spawn random. I got this problem since 2 weeks. Is this a known problem and is there a solution?


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Steps To Reproduce

-end game
-go to bed
-wake up
-open game

  • reset. (7/10 times)
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3570k @ 3800Mhz
msi b75MA
8gb @ 1600Mhz c6
GTX 770 lightning @ 1333Mhz
vertex 180gb ssd

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There seems to be an issue with some servers on EXP not being able to connect to the hive, thus making you a new spawn, staying on such servers will reset your old character if the server does get connected.

Keep your own on the bottom left of the screen when logging in, for a few seconds you'll see red text that says something along the lines of "This server is unable to connect to the hive, we suggest you leave and find another server" it's only displayed for a few seconds so you really need to keep an eye on it.

For me I found the biggest part of UK and most of EU servers seem to suffer from this.

I think the UK and EU have separate hives, so the character you had from the US will not be found on their hive.