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Disappearing rounds when loaded into magazine.
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I lost 180 rounds of 556 ammo loading it into a 60 round coupled magazine. The ammo was grouped in stacks of 60 since I initially loaded ammo in smaller increments into the 60 round mag to save inventory space. It only seemed to disappear when loading all 60 rounds at once (though this may not be the case). It also disappeared when loading 60 rounds into a smaller, 40 round magazine. I lost 120 rounds before relogging to see if that would solve the issue. It did not, I lost another 60 rounds upon reentering the server.


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Eject 60 rounds from coupled magazine and try reloading group of 60 into various magazines.

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I set the reproducibility to 'sometimes' since I only tried it three times as I didn't want to lose anymore ammunition.

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See, I have this issue, but I can load the clip to 60 no problem. It is when I EMPTY the clip into my inventory. When I EMPTY the clip, I get only 30 rounds. There were 60 in the clip, but only 30 come out of the clip. The other 30 disappear into thin air. For me, that is 100% reproduce-able.