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foliage flickering constantly, especially in forest areas
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i am desperately trying to figure if this is an issue that all clients suffer or if maybe my card is in the RMA realm. it seems to only hapen on dayz SA and the mod version as well which is why im not putting it down to the card just yet.

when moving through fields and forests, there is a distinct flicker that is apparent all the way through movement on the ground foliage, which becomes even more pronounced when walking in the forest areas (with a brown floor surface and bracken plants) these then begin to horrendously flicker, no matter what graphics settings are edited.


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run around and closely observe the grass and foliage in fields and forest area floors

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i put version 0.45 but this has been occuring since i first installed standalone

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Can you take a screenshot of it, I think I know what you're talking about but not entirely sure, if it is I've linked it to rain and/or other water sources (such as ponds)

no it is something that cannot be screenshotted, as it is an occurunce through movement. i will briefly shadowplay it at high quality and upload to youtube. the issue has been with me since dayz and arma 2, curiously in arma 3 it rarely happens and is at least not nearly noticeable unlike here

sadly shadowplay doesnt do the "best" quality without hogging up a large file size, but you should be able to make out clearly the flickering, mainly when i head into the denser brown forest foliage, its really quite an eyesore. but i think its not a hardware issue (bloody hope not, but luckily i have another 2 yrs or so on my warantee if it is thankflly)

would be very interested to know if others are experiencing odd texture changes on foliage when moving, most noticeably in forest floors

ok so after watching a few youtubers, i can confirm that the flickering of foliage in woodland areas is definitely nothing to do with my setup and totally a software issue. just thought i would update this

madness to see im the only one who has noticed this, iv seen it in videos so i know it isnt isolated issue to my hardware... anyone?

I watched your video but couldn't really see any flickering, I'll watch again though.

I managed to find an old screenshot I took, not sure if it's the same thing and this hasn't happened to me since taking that screnshot.
Also this only happened on grass and the type of ground in the screenshot or in ponds and such and only if it was raining.

@RagedDrew no its nothing like that screenshot, its mainly visible when i have the obect detail on anything other than very low (i get the same issue on dayz mod too) im pretty sure its an LoD flicker issue and i have noticed it in other youtubers videos (even though its hard to spot as youtube even at 1080p blurs so much its hard to see)

im going to make a small video of it in the highest quality i can capture and upload it as a download so it can be viewed in a media player and you can see it better. First i thought it was something wrong on my system, but i have seen it in other videos iv watched of general gameplay

Bumping this issue as i have just recieved a new ASUS GTX 970 4Gb strix gpu which i tested dayz on again today to see if it was my old 760 that was the issue, exact same grass issue is visible, i uploaded the highest quality video i could to youtube and have uploaded it to a file host to be viewable in a media player for best clarity but it is clearly visible and not related to my graphics card.

if other people are experienceing this can they up vote and also maybe list their hardware setup

im on
ASUS P8Z77-V LX2 mobo
intel i5 2500K overclocked at 4.5ghz
8Gb G skillz ripjaw DDR3 1600 Low Voltage Memory F3-12800CL9D-8GBXM (Blue)
ASUS GTX 970 Strix DirectCUII 4Gb NVIDIA card
Operating drive is Plextor PX-256M5S 256GB M5S Series SATA III 6GB/s 512MB DDR3
Most games installed to secondary ssd Samsung 840

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I can confirm this. I got it on the mod too. As you get closer the grass textures/models get more complex/replaced or more pop in. Only that this happens very close to you and is very noticable. Also seems to be happening in batches and inconsistent distances.

There are no inbetween steps for the low quality and high quality and some don't have low quality. This is the reason for the pop-in.

I'll try to get better footage of this

i made a new report that better describes the nature of the issue and has a better video