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Character Keeps Resetting
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After a near full Re - Gear, the server displayed the "Not receiving" message. I logged out and back in, only to be spawned on top of the NE Airfield. All my gear was gone. I figured it might have been a server issue so I hopped to a new server, gear was all gone. Every Server, no gear.
Another time this happened, same situation except without the "Receive" message appearing.


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The three times it has happened;

  1. After a server reset
  2. In a random field to log out for the day
  3. Gave me a message that the "Server was not communicating with the internal DayZ servers".
Additional Information

Lost all my gear. Can't return back to the Alpha until this is fixed.

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I had this happen to me for the first time last week. Is it possible that the server can't connect to hive, character isn't loaded, and then a respawn is forcefully done effectively wiping your character?

If the server has issues connecting with the Hive to load character data, it should prompt you to continue with the respawn or to disconnect.