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Pants randomly ruined
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So here is how it happened.
I was running around a long way and finally reached Svetlojarsk.
I have taken some damage from zombies, ran through the town and ended up with Worn clothes at most.
Suddenly when I disconnected from a server when I was loosing connection and reconnected on a different one my pants were ruined, and the medikit inside of them was also ruined. However, the other two items I kept there were still pristine. This isn't the first time happening.

P.S: I didn't check if there was an issue like this before. Only 1 person reported the same issue by far:


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It's either random or... could it possibly be the medikit causing it?

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Just a glitch I imagine. I had something similar, but I was just standing still in the fire station at the airfield, then the screen goes grey as though I've taken damage. That goes away and I'm fine, but my trousers are ruined