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You are Dead after server restart
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I was at the main airfield in the first hanger south of the airfield.

I noticed the server message saying the server would restart in 1 minute so I went up the back corner and was I re-joined after the restart it came up with the 'You are Dead' message and I had to spawn again.

I went back to where I died and my pants and all contents were ruined, looked like I had fallen from somewhere during the restart.

Also myself and others have noticed Desync issues since the last update.


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I can confirm Dead after restart !
I was on the way from the NW Airstrip cross country to the NE Airstrip.Suddenly our Server made an restart.After new joining i saw for one second my quick inventbar colored than in grey and i heared my char screaming ( aaarg ) and i became the message you are dead ! This happened twice to me at the same place near by grishnio and evils castle ( )

Append to me a lot. When reconnect on tower or small roof, have a big chance to go through platform. Today I reconnect on 0.45 and was on the first floor but I've disconnected on second to avoid zombies. Doesn't kill me this time but sometime it does.

Hello dully86,

This could have been due to a zombie killing your character during the logout/login process. Unfortunately, I can't see which events killed your character even when looking at your account in the character database. However, I'll close your ticket since it does not look like a general problem.