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[Suggestion] Employ real software engineers to develop this game.
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I have been a software developer for 25 years and I have never seen a software company act so unprofessional besides Microsoft, after reversing some of the binaries I find the lack of stable code structure. The network socket coding is unbelievably unsound, even after 6 months since the release of the standalone version the network synchronization between client and server is an easy fix but it still remains broken.

My suggestion is to employ real software engineers that understand network programming, as for the rendering engine it is pure rubbish, if you are held fast on building your own rendering engine then again employ real programmers, or use an engine that has already proven its worth in gaming.
This is unprofessional guys, releasing pre-alpha software and claiming it is ready for alpha testing is fraud.


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Employ real software engineers

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This games original idea is maybe the most brilliant and exiting ever. 2+ Millions copy's sold and still its not even close to its original mod. I mean seriously Alpha and week after month half a year later... almost no progress.

Sad to see this happen... by the time you are ready if you ever will be, there will be like 100 games that run past you.

Hire some people to put this in real development.

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As this isn't a bug report or a game feature request, I'm going to close this issue.

The DayZ forums or subreddit are probably better for this sort of discussion.