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Game crashes with "dayz.exe has stopped working" Errormessage
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The Game crashed today several times. At first, me and my friends walked towards the north-eastern Airfield and we all got a crash with the ".exe has stopped working" Errormessage on Desktop.
The next time the game crashed, when i was solo somewhere near North-western Airfield in the forrest. I wanted to get into cover of some rocks in the forrest, but when i reached the rocks, the game crashed. reproduced this error 5 times. always the same spot. When i ran into the other direction, the game didn't crash. {F31030}


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no steps to reproduce, since it happens at random places.
no ingame error message displayed, just the ".exe has stopped working" on desktop.

crash dumps:

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I too have had this problem yesterday and today. Random crashing and unable to reproduce as it happens randomly and without warning.

Crash 1 - Travelling up NW airfield, just up from the tower blocks. DayZ.exe stopped working. Crashed on road.

Crash 2 - Further up the road, sorry can't be specific. Was crouching still near a bush. DayZ.exe stopped working.

Crash 3 - Small town north of Starry Sober, crashed whilst eating food in small house. DayZ.exe stopped working.

Crash 4 - (Died)Respawned near Electro. Traveled to Electro with a random player, crashed near house near entrance to main town (past harbor). DayZ.exe stopped working.

I have uploaded the dump file together with the DxDiag.txt, hope this helps! (DayZ_Crash_Report_With_DxDiag.rar).

Also, these are all within 5-30 minutes from starting up the game. Rolled back Mantle driver and installed previous one but crashing persists. Other Steam and non-Steam games work fine (CS:GO, BF4 etc..) Temps for CPU and GPU stable - did overclock GPU but reset to see if this was giving the crashes but still persists.

EDIT 1 @20.59 GMT - Just crashed again (Dayz.exe has stopped working) loaded up character from crash 4, began looting and tried swapping jeans with ones found one floor in building. Crashed with (Dayz.exe has stopped working).

Edit 2 :22.03 GMT - Crashed again. Was with some player, had to run off (was still in Elecktro), ran into a building - approaching a screwdriver on a metal shelf and game froze for a few seconds and crashed (Dayz.exe has stopped working). I have uploaded a second DayZ Dump folder incase this helps comparing the two where two crashes have occurred tonight.

The DayZ dump file lets me open it with Visual Studio, so I opened it up and took a screenshot (apologies if this is no help, it throws an error exception, didn't know if this gives any more info).

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thx, crashdumps uploaded.

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You need to upload crash dumps when reporting game crashes. Tutorial here:

Also had this issue. Was going into the jail building at the NEAF and it froze, alt-tabbed to see the "dayz.exe has stopped working" error.

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just crashed twice in a row, just now, and once yesterday.
Each time I spawned back in a different place as where I left.
I don't think the disconnection have anything to do with the place you re in..
Edit: and of course when respawning I have a time penalty...

Getting the same thing. Happens after about 15-30 mins of gameplay.

That zip includes my dxdiag

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into it.

Please keep testing the game and let us know if the issue is still present.

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We tested the issue and it appears to be the same as: #9842. See the issue for more updates on development. Please be patient, we are currently working on a fix.