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Remotely Looting Bodies?
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Me and some friends were just on the NEAF. One of us was shot by a sniper. He was the one in our group with a long range scope so one of my other friends grabbed it. He scanned sniper hill hoping to see who shot us, but couldn't. After a few seconds he decided to check our friends body for some more Mosin ammo, but our dead friend had nothing left.
Is there some sort of hack in this game for remotely looting dead bodies now?


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I forgot to add that after the above mentioned incident all of our desyncs were 100000.

I wonder too. I had an incident a few months ago. I was knocked out for about 20 seconds. When I came to, I was naked. I had been completely geared with everything. For someone to take everything in 15 seconds (allow 5 seconds to run away), they either had help from software or ran up to me while naked and took a huge risk to one-hit KO me, then loot everything in one go.

I want to believe that I got one-hit KO'd and looted by a naked guy, because that is a way cooler scenario than hacking.