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Cookingpot turns food from raw to burned instantly
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As above. And the smoke that indicate the burned food doesnt disappear.


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I was looking at the food, hovering over it. It was raw, so I clicked out of my inventory as half a second after the stove started to smoke and I checked and 3 beefs and 2 fish fillets was burned.

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Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem. We have notified the devs of the issue so they can have a look into it.

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Same issue with cooking on Frying Pan.

Meat continues to change from raw to burnt while cooking with gas stove on game version .47 skipping the cooked stage.

Same here. My cooking set (pot, stove, medium gas canister) is pristine and fish fillets are changing to burned ones immediately. [Exp Branch 0.47]

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still the same on 0.48

Still the same on .49 stable, hope someone is looking into this...

still didn't get fixed on .5?

Still same problem in .50 stable. Instantly goes from raw to burnt when cooked in cooking pot.

Still the same problem - I sat there refreshing my inventory window constantly and could not prevent the urgently needed meat from burning.

Still the same after the Christmas update.

Guys guys guys... you need to learn how to cook. IRL, you dont turn on a portable stove to full blast and put food in and expect it to be perfectly cooked. When you are cooking, and the steaks get to bright bright red, you need to turn off the fire for a bit until it gets to a dimmer red, then turn it on again. It adds alot of time, but it works. You can also eat the burned steaks if you have some charcoal tabs to wash em down with.

that's not how it's supposed to work. the fire place is an example of how cooking should work on the cooking pot and stove.

If in the process of cooking, you turn the stove off as a method of temperature control, you are doing it wrong. IRL those gas stoves have adjustable flames. Since the only setting option in-game is On/Off, one could safely assume that the stove isn't at MAX, but rather at a happy medium for proper cooking. I'll try what you suggest, and I'm happy to have a quasi-solution to this problem, but the method you describe makes no sense in any realistic way. Either allow temperature controls, or make the only option the correct one. Don't give us a tool for which the only setting is derpy.

I can say this is fixed if you closley watch the food. Right when its cooked you have to instaly take it out of the cooking pot or fire or it will burn.

it's not supposed to need to "instantly" be removed, it should be like the fireplace where you have a small amount of time o remove it, not a quarter of a millisecond.


We are trying to make edible meat. Not perfectly cooked, medium-rare steaks. Just meat that isn't burnt to the point of toxicity.