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Intel HD 4400 Graphics rendering problems
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I have Intel HD 4400 Graphics (CPU i3-4130) and discovered that some rendering setting has no effect: Post processing. No visual difference like depth of filed blur when changing through all settings from Very low to Very high. FPS is affected but I see no visual difference in game. Some blur I can see only in the welcome screen.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use Intel HD 4400 Graphics (latest Intel driver, Windows 7 64 SP1, DirectX 11)
  2. Start game and connect to a server.
  3. Test all Post Processing settings from Very Low to Very High. (Rotation blur and bloom is set to zero, also everything else in the Rendering menu is set to disabled, HDR very low)

I was expecting to see the depth of field blur as going to very high setting.

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Could you upload a dxdiag report?


Done. Also, any anit-aliasing setting has the same result. Disabled is disabled and any other setting looks the same doing the anti-aliasing job, but looks the same, no difference.