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Long Range Scope does not tilt when leaning
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When zoomed in with a LRS the crosshair does not tilt to the side like the PU scope does when you press Q or E when crouched or standing.


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Equip Mosin with Long Range Scope.
Zoom in while standing or crouched.
Lean either by pressing Q or E.

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This issue is not new. It has been in the game since I can remember.

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can confirm

IMO no sights should tilt. IRL you would still keep your sights horizontal.

Quote from Hoak
"On a related note (and very annoying to see in Insurgency), is that so far Ghost Recon and Call Of Duty 4 are the only games to get both weapon handling and camera perspective correct with respect to 'leaning', i.e. no tilting of of the camera and canting of the weapon sights when 'leaning'... Canting a firearm from any fire position is still strongly discouraged in most Mil firearms training (with the exception of some specialized CQC handgun paradigms like Castle's CAR Shooting System) and our brains keep then world upright regardless of our heads position..."

Hoak again at
"Summarily, A canting camera and/or weapon is technically, metrically wrong in terms of proper weapon handling and perspective -- the world does not 'tilt' if we cant our body, head, or rifle; separately or in unison.

As well, canting an aimed firearm from any fire position is improper weapon handling, that is rigorously repudiated and corrected in virtually all firearms training -- military and civilian."

rico, when you lean, usually around corners you have to tilt the weapon some to show as little as possible. I am not sure what kind of training you had that teaches you the all sights should be horizontal but this is not true. Granted at long ranges you would not want to do this but close ranges this does not matter. 5 years in the USMC taught me this and I effectively used tilted weapons and therefore sights many times.

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Rico is right. The world around you does not tilt if you tilt your head, so why should this be the case in DayZ. As a matter of fact Ghost Recon and CoD4 are the only ones who get it wrong.