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hacker caught.
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managed to kill and check an hackers pulse before he logged out.

got some other similar situations but it always comes up with "unknown identity has no pulse" meaning they log out to avoid reports, luckily this one was very close and he/she didn't had time to log out before i got his/her name.


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no idea, haven't tried.

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Alphones Delas

@ someone from bohemia:
BAN this cheater! Try to find his IP/steam id on one of the public hives.

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What i was wondering is how you kill a hacker? I usually have no time to strike they get me before i even see them

This could have been someone using hack stuff and not really a hacker, which should be no excuse. If you find hacked stuff you should drop it in a field.

Oh come proof for cheating, let BE / VAC do this job and don't spam the devtracker with your "incredible" reports. ->

Report Bugs and Glitches an don't whine about people that take some shit from a "hacker".

If you find hacked stuff and you can use so it is no abuse. It's not fair but the game have to restrict this. If this is possible, people will do it. Maybe the "hacker" died from a ladder or something like that and some fresh spawn find this so i took a photo just after he loot the "hacker" -> . :-)


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Please refer to the main hacker / cheater thread at #8589